Install ØMQ(zeromq) with libuuid from source code.

zeromq requires libuuid which is included in packages such as e2fsprogs-devel (RHEL/CentOS etc.) or libuuid-dev (Debian/Ubuntu).

e2fsprogs-devel contains not only libuuid but also many other libraries. If you need install ONLY libuuid from source code(and build zeromq with it), you should follow below.


# libuuid
tar xvfz e2fsprogs-1.41.12.tar.gz
cd e2fsprogs-1.41.12
./configure --enable-elf-shlibs --disable-testio-debug --disable-debugfs --disable-imager --disable-resizer
cp lib/libuuid*.a ${PREFIX}/lib
cp lib/libuuid*.so* ${PREFIX}/lib
cp lib/uuid/uuid.h ${PREFIX}/include/uuid
cp lib/uuid/uuid.pc ${PREFIX}/lib/pkgconfig
cd ..

# zeromq
tar xvfz zeromq-2.0.10.tar.gz
cd zeromq-2.0.10
CFLAGS="-I${PREFIX}/include" CXXFLAGS="-I${PREFIX}/include" LDFLAGS="-L${PREFIX}/lib" ./configure --prefix=${PREFIX}
make install
cd ..